Saturday, January 9, 2010

PA-10 Republican Primary Getting Crowded Fast

Just a few weeks ago Republicans were asking each other why no one was willing to run for Congress in the 10th District and begging Mike Peifer to run against Carney. As of today we have three candidates with a fourth on the way. Snyder County Commissioner Malcolm Derk came out of the gate first but as of today Dave Madeira posted on is blog that he is running and Ted Yale of Pike County announced on Facebook this evening. Insiders are starting to confirm that Tom Marino, former US Attorney under President Bush, will be getting into the race and has already met with the NRCC.

In addition to the number of Republicans deciding that Carney is within striking distance, it appears that Carney and his staff have been spending a lot of time in the District lately. Pike County is still waiting for some real representation though…


  1. Interesting post, but I'm curious:

    What are you trying to say here:

    "Pike County is still waiting for some real representation though..."

    yeah, but, have you considered that:
    1) Pike is a small part of PA 10.
    2) Ted Yale is a Pike County resident. (Perhaps not the kind of Pike County resident you want to represent you?)

    I agree that no Republican candidate above, (other than possibly Marino, who is on this list from rumors that are almost a month old) would be likely to provide "real representation" for anyone. Maybe that is your point?

    As long as I'm being picky:

    "Carney and his staff have been spending a lot of time in the district lately" Really? What is this based on? (Do you spend lots of time watching the movements of congressional staffers?)

    Fill in the blank:

    During the recess periods Carney spends his time in the district, and that is a sign that ________.
    a) Carney represents the district.
    b) Carney is doing his job.
    c) Carney takes all challengers seriously.
    d) this blogger likes to start rumors.
    e) All of the above.

  2. Here's a fill in the blank for you.

    1 in ___ Pennsylvanians eligible for Medicare, choose a Medicare plan.
    a) 3
    b) 3
    c) 3

    Carney voted ________ house roll call vote 886, which would've kept Medicare plans in place. (Note: 39 other democrats supported this bill)

    The best conclusion that can be drawn based on PA 10 Citizen and this post is....
    a)Carney spends lots of time in the district and still doesn't know what the district wants.
    b)Carney is out of touch with the citizens of this district.
    c)Carney doesn't seem to defend the interests of PA-10's seniors
    d) all of the above

  3. Agreed. Plus, just because Carney sends flunkies to the district doesn't mean he listens to or cares what they report back. I'm not supporting anyone until they prove that they can genuinely reach out to voters and give thoughtful responses to our concerns. We don't need to agree on every point, but I want someone who's putting us first.

  4. Carney is sending his "flunkies" out to the district to try and show he cares because he is gettin nervous that he could lose this race... he has already shown that he doesn't care by voting AGAINST the values of the district.

    We have good candidates to choose from, lets hope that they get out around the district so that we can discuss our concerns with them and get their opinions.

  5. Who is a "flunkie"?
    A congressional staffer?
    Doing constituient work? (helping citizens navigate federal buracracy.)
    In all areas of the district?
    Somebody who by law is not a political operative?

    Outreach constituent work is an idea that was never done by Carney's mistress-beating used-car-salesman Republican predessessor. So it must be bad?

    Got it!

  6. Do Congressional staffers usual tape people declaring their candidacy? There is a difference between having a Congressional staff member and a campaign staff member attend events. I can't be sure which they are but it's only recently they are showing up.

    Carney is your typical politician who does what the leadership tells him to do. Carney had his chance to vote with the District on health care, he chose to vote with the Party instead. It is time Carney is replaced and if the next person is as worthless they should be replaced too.

  7. What I find the most interesting about Carney is how his stance on abortion depends on latitude.